Derek Raithby Architecture (DRA) is a Sydney-based design studio specialising in residential, commercial and education developments. Our design philosophy is realised through a collaborative approach between the design team, client and other consultancies to ensure a successful outcome for every project. Our success is a result of our innovation in design through careful planning, cutting-edge technology and a willingness to think outside the box. This ensures we provide an architectural solution that not only fulfils the client and architects vision, but also the functional reality of the build. Our firm is committed to producing architectural designs that consider the life cycle of the building in its setting, as well as the social, cultural and economic framework of the clients vision. After consideration of these elements, strategic design initiatives are developed which direct passive use of the buildings’ mechanical, electrical, thermal and water consumption. This process allows us to deliver workable and sustainable designs which provide not only a reduction of operating costs but also efficient construction, system longevity and increased user comfort and productivity.

The Architects Code of Professional Conduct

Derek became interested in practising architecture while working for PKA Acoustics, where he was able to work closely with principal Peter Knowland on the Sydney Opera House and other iconic buildings in Australia and abroad. Derek went on to study architecture at the University of Sydney, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Design Science (Architecture) and a Bachelor of Architecture. During this time, Derek was tutored by internationally-renowned architect Harry Seidler, who was an adjunct professor of the university. While studying, Derek worked for Zone Architects and Ergo Architecture and Interiors, gaining valuable experience in a range of architectural fields. In 2003, Derek joined GGF Architects in partnership with Christian McCullum, both of whom became directors in 2005. Derek was accepted into the Australian Institute of Architects in 2005.

Our team is made up of talented, innovative and skilled staff committed to facilitating a collaborative design process. Our designers have diverse cultural and architectural backgrounds, which ensures our designs are fresh, engaging and innovative. Our architectural services include design, documentation, interior design, project management and contract administration, 3D visualisations and animations, as well as other general services and consulting.


Derek Raithby

Principal Architect

As Director, Derek is responsible for working collaboratively alongside our clients to design thoughtful and functional projects. His approach to design begins without preconceptions or commitments to a particular style or outcome, to ensure each build is well resolved and meets the needs of the clients, whilst retaining sound design principles. Derek also oversees the design team, providing upskilling and supervision that allows each designer to learn and grow within their discipline. Derek's professional interests include theoretical studies of deconstructivism and modernist architecture.


Daniela Ehlers Duarte

Architectural Draftperson

Daniela received a Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism as well as an MBA in Environmental Architecture from Ritter dos Reis University, South Brazil. Daniela has project managed residential building design and interior design projects, and has worked on various projects in Brazil and Canada before moving to Australia. Daniela loves environmental architecture, and believes architects have the power to make the world a better place through good design.


Victor Garcia Ribeiro


Victor has experience in both architecture and interior design, including concept design and 3D modeling, project management and documentation. He has worked on commercial, retail and residential buildings in both Brazil and Australia. Victor received his Bachelor degree in Architecture from the State University of Goias, Brazil, and his professional interests include contemporary and Brazilian brutalist architecture.


Renata Berger da Silva

Architectural Draftperson

Renata received a Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and she is particularly interested in modernist architecture and residential projects. Renata loves architectural history and believes travelling is the best way to learn about architecture and its origin. Renata has experience with both residential and commercial projects, including conceptual design, interior design, 3D modeling and urban planning.


Clariana Morais Bisso


Clariana received a Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism from Ritter do Reis University, South Brazil. She has project managed numerous residential and civic projects in Brazil and Australia. As a designer, Clariana believes the future of architecture is in green design and sustainability, and she has a particular interest in creating spaces without hierarchy that encourage social groups. Clariana also believes that good design decisions can result in a building with less energy expenditure that doesn’t lose any of its comfort.


Patricia Afonso Mambretti

Administration Assistant

Patricia has experience in project management, human resource management, accounting and executive administration. She studied at Fundacao Escola de Comercio Alvares Penteado and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Patricia is responsible for office administration, as well as working alongside Derek as his Executive Assistant. Her interests include sustainable and green architecture.



Office Manager

Baxter ensures the safety and wellbeing of all DRA staff by ensuring no visitor enters the office without a stringent security check. He is an expert at blood pressure and cortisol reduction in the workforce, and has extensive experience with lap warming. Baxter is passionate about furniture design, human-canine cohabitation and dehydrated chicken treats.


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